Saturday, 29 August 2009



sanding sanding sanding


1:3 vac form
1:1 painted model

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Drawings in steel

Frank plant is a barcelona based american sculptor. Welded steel has always been the principal medium for plant's work, whether in his two dimensional pieces such as his fingerprints series or his earlier three dimensional kinetic metal sculptures, that incorporate found objects.

Creative blueprint art installation

unique art installation based blueprint technical drawings by taiwanese Ou studio.
the installation consisted of painted blue wall with furniture elements and random objects from and old house.
created by Ou studio

Saturday, 22 August 2009

an incomplete manifesto for growth

hand drawn typographic posters, based on designer Bruce Mau's incomplete manifesto for growth.

designer: hanna viktorsson

Thursday, 20 August 2009


more drawings.more ideas.more features.more details.
to have a functionality and quality, need to have a spot to support the bottles and handle.
and consider the space taking on the table.
thinking about the handle and changes on design,
suddenly thought of wine glass.

Nilko 'IMO'

the nilko 'IMO' concept coffee maker

by DESIGNER: alisson wilson stroher is an arm wrestling robot.

or, if that were a feature, it would be complete. as it stands, it's compact, folds out to many heights for tall or short containers, and holds enough water for lots of coffee, besides looking cool, the swing arm actually serves a practical purpose. by adjusting its height you can easily fill cups of varying sizes. it also has the ability to brew three packets of coffee without changing the water in the reservoir. the IMO is only a concept at this point, but if it were to go into production, stroher believes it would retail for about $130.


development of concept..

stress stress stress....

need to finalise design and start GA and mock-ups.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sonic chair with audio system

ir the listener sits in the centre of the sound. The
integrated loudspeakers are optimally adjusted to the listener’s position. The
carefully crafted sound body creates sufficient volume for powerful bass tones.
Several body-focused sound generators in the seat and backrest further augment
the low frequencies, a two-way sound insulation serves as an acoustic barrier
between the inside and the outside, thus no outside noise interferes with the
inside and hardly anything of what the user listens to inside can be heard

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ring like bluetooth headset

Have you got a clear idea of the ring? Right, it’s also a Bluetooth headset. While in its ring form, the user can find out caller ID, calendar items, text information and voice-to-text information on the LED screen. If you have to answer a call, what you should do is simply to twist it and put it on your ear. It is supposed to be launched in January 2010.

designer: Darren Quick

Friday, 14 August 2009

Drop light

the drop light is a unique lighting system that provides a new user interface for indoor lighting.
each lighting module can be separated from the main body to use as a free standing lamp.
an electric line, located within main body, charges the drop via a network of tracks.
the droplights contain new advance LEDs which prevent the lights from excessive heating.

research on ice bucket


ice bucket

Toma Brundzaite

scenario 1. dishwasher load is done. now you take out the dishes and place them in their respective shelves, cabinets etc.

scenario 2. wall mounted electolux bifoliate double washer uses one compartment to clean the dishes via ultrasonic wave technology, you then transfer the clean load into the next shelf. space saving, less time consuming, done in a jiffy.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


aren't these the sweetest sticky notes you've ever seen ?
they are kudamemo fruit-shaped sticky notes by D-Bros from japan.
i love the foam packaging and and how they even have a drawing of the seeds on the notes.
what a great gift these would make. you can buy these individually or in 'crates' of six.