Sunday, 27 June 2010


Reflection on sustainable group project.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Story of Cap & Trade

“It turns out that climate and consumption are actually the same issue: You see, most of the greenhouse gases countries emit come from our materials economy: the way we make, use, transport, and throw away all the stuff in our lives. As Boston College professor … Juliet Schor said ‘Global consumerism devours resources like there’s no tomorrow. And unless we address how much we consume, we won’t succeed in averting disastrous climate change.’ ” Annie Leonard

i think she is quite critical of, and points to, the ‘devils in the details’ in current cap and trade proposals: free permits to big polluters, fake carbon offsets and, most importantly, distraction from the significant tasks at hand in tackling the climate crisis.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


A brilliant design with good intentions is always a winner. For the design part, Love Pot is a non-electric humidifier plus aroma dispenser. It has this tissue ball made from laminated wool felt to maximize evaporation in limited volume. Another point in favor of the wool felt is that it absorbs water fast, and launders well. For the intentions part: this $30 pot is for the Nanum project, where 100% of the profits go as charity to provide educational scholarships to impoverished children. That’s what I call Design with a Conscious!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Design for life by philippe starck

I found this episodes great to experience actual learn and refresh things but scary
at the same time. because during the time i was watching episodes, i was keep reminding of my studio class.

personally, it was great to hear philippe starck's perspectives about current design and its affect it has on our world today. "you will be a good designer, if you speak about life" phillipe starck believes that the product designers affect every moment of our lives. And Each is the result of deliberate design decision.

this means that design should not be focusing just on appearance to attract consumers to purchase it but to be safe."design is a force that can change society.....learn how design decisions now will affect all our lives in the future".

philippe starck's definition of good design was beatiful useful and sustainable product that can be enjoyed by everyone, hence he seemed to want to emphasize that all the designers need to design for everyone and not just a specific group of consumers. "Its important that design is rooted in everyday life and belong to us"

the things that he was talking about in terms of design were what we should be doing.
“designers must question whether we need to design more products”
as a whole, i think the main focus of this documentary was to realise the story behind the product too and find out about why the product was made and the theory behind it. “look for the story behind the product” and i think this documentary will be able to guide people who are looking forward to be a good designer.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

the story of bottled water by annie leonard

as i have expected, i could feel annie leonard's features as an environment expert.
she starts with explaining about five compotents which makes circulation of materials.Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, Disposal

Distribution... this is the step to explain of how products are transported and are delievered to us.frankly, what people can do in the world are too much subdivided, even if the value of human's characteristics are decreasing, it is ok.

a single product was made by many labors from worldwide and hence, the value of the product is not belong to an individual. they are made by everyone and everything and therefore nobody can insist the possession.

The Golden Arrow Of Consumption...this is where the major power sources of material circulation and capitalism, nothiing but engine. too much substances are existing and by producing them, the trend of materialism are created. "Our enormously productive economy... Demands that we make consumption our way of life,that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals,that we seek our spritual satisfaction, our ego-satisfaction in consumption...

We need things consumed burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-Accelerating rate." more than anything else, our materialism was not caused with no reasons but it was planned. and there are two provements;Planned Obsolescence = Designed for the Dump and Perceived Obsolescence = Making us to throw away somthing that is totally useful.

capitallism was planned by amerian economist after second world war to recall the economy of US. But funny thing is that since the capitallism has started, the index of happiness is decreasing. But annie leonard is presenting the directions where we have to move on. But fortunately, more and more practice activities for protect environments and corruption of materialism are showing around the world.
eco-environmental enterprises, development of recyclable energy and etc.

so in the future, we should get out of the materialism and lead the eco-environmental capitalism. To be honest, i was quiet shocked after watching this video, but at the same time i also felt relieved by going through all the problems that our economy has.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Task 3 : 11th hour

we came very late in the calender year of earth - JANINE BENYUS-
Look at the earth fully covered by rubbish.
since i have watched 11th hour, my first reflection was that the rubbish is the worst product made by human. this showed me how people killed the earth by developing technologies. we, the human borrowed earth from the nature, however we pretend as if we were the owner of earth and furthermore we even reign over a nature to earth.

if we do something to offend natural world, we are gonna pay the price for that.
threrfore we have to treat nature more gently - David Suzuki -
the earth and human should keep the relationship of companion or the nature should always be beyond the human being. and if we can not pay for rent, we should not destory the nature. because the nature always can be fresh and green, and make a fresh start as long as human are dissappeared. therefore human are not able to live
without the nature but the earth. earth can be even better withouth us.
this part of documentary was kind of sad and scary.
because personally i have never thought about the nature can leave us. but now i know that it is possible and we, the human can be alone in the dark.

the nature and earth were originally fresh and green.
it is still fresh and green, however it is just turning into black.
and the result of this has been started since the existence of human on the earth.
what this film was saying was that human must find out the way of live eternally together for both human and nature, and also to keep the freshness of nature.
however even though people know these facts, it seems like they will more contribute on the development of industry.

industrial system has to be reinvented - Ray Anderson -
i think this film definately indicated the solutions of problem to us.
it is understanding and the change of behaviour.
the solutions has been clarified since long time ago, but human did not even think and consider the facts and therefore the environmental disruption has been continued.
also, cause of industrial development, the policy about environment has become more unfamiliar and delayed by the government.

if the governemnt is not putting any efforts to improve the solution of the cause,
the people and individuals can not devote easily.
when you talk about saving the environment later, environment will be survived.
we are the one who may not survived. - Kenny Ausubel -
we continually accelerated the environmental disruption until now.
however we should no longer repeat it.
because we still have 1 hour to go. we can save ourselves.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bag for corrugated cardboard portable

with the overwhelming number of generic black laptop totes flooding the market these days, it was refreshing to have a close encounter with Glies Miller's unique corrugated cardboard laptop case at London's [re] design exhibition this fall.
sturdy,stylish and completely sustainable, the cardboard lining the front of Miller's tree loving creation is 100% recycled, and the unique fluting gives its wearer the option to personalize it with custom designs such as one's initials.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Task 2 : objectified

I could have a closer look for individual design and personality behind the objects that people use in our everyday lives. Reading people's mind will be the most difficult thing for designers, because they change by the time, trends and society's influences. however people do not really notice that the design is all around them for all the time.

"people don’t realise is that from the moment they wake up almost everything that fills their world has been designed." - Alice Rawsthorn -
hence people should reshapes their minds. for example, begin to see the world differently such as form, composition, of creatures, of nature and of objects becomes apparent.

"Every object tells a story if you know how to read it" -Henry Ford-
they acknowledge the arbitrariness and thoughtlessness in the way a multitude of things are brought to market.
Anything to do with Apple was the most accessible because they are very familiar in society with the brand as a thing of beauty and easy use and it makes the conversations around this easy to follow.
From my understanding, society has a large impact on the way of designers thoughts about a product and manufacturers on what method they choose to produce products with.

'users react very positively when things are clear and understandable' -Dieter Rams-
of course, the consumers will purchase goods for their necessity and satisfaction
however it is more for how to tell the story of product as itself. therefroe, the goal of Industrial Design is to mass produce and to standardize products.

"good design is honest. good design should be innovative and understandable. good design should make a product useful" -Dieter Rams-
I think this is very true of what design should be and it is something that I wish to follow as a future industrial designer.

In terms of the composition of the film, i think they were trying to deal with the means by which design integrates itself seamlessly into our experience.
but from my point of view, it could even be supposed that this kind of difficulties to notice editing is some kind of implicit statement of philosophy with regards to the role of design in the life of the individual.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Housing effort..hmm..i think i need to consider ..