Saturday, 13 March 2010

Task 2 : objectified

I could have a closer look for individual design and personality behind the objects that people use in our everyday lives. Reading people's mind will be the most difficult thing for designers, because they change by the time, trends and society's influences. however people do not really notice that the design is all around them for all the time.

"people don’t realise is that from the moment they wake up almost everything that fills their world has been designed." - Alice Rawsthorn -
hence people should reshapes their minds. for example, begin to see the world differently such as form, composition, of creatures, of nature and of objects becomes apparent.

"Every object tells a story if you know how to read it" -Henry Ford-
they acknowledge the arbitrariness and thoughtlessness in the way a multitude of things are brought to market.
Anything to do with Apple was the most accessible because they are very familiar in society with the brand as a thing of beauty and easy use and it makes the conversations around this easy to follow.
From my understanding, society has a large impact on the way of designers thoughts about a product and manufacturers on what method they choose to produce products with.

'users react very positively when things are clear and understandable' -Dieter Rams-
of course, the consumers will purchase goods for their necessity and satisfaction
however it is more for how to tell the story of product as itself. therefroe, the goal of Industrial Design is to mass produce and to standardize products.

"good design is honest. good design should be innovative and understandable. good design should make a product useful" -Dieter Rams-
I think this is very true of what design should be and it is something that I wish to follow as a future industrial designer.

In terms of the composition of the film, i think they were trying to deal with the means by which design integrates itself seamlessly into our experience.
but from my point of view, it could even be supposed that this kind of difficulties to notice editing is some kind of implicit statement of philosophy with regards to the role of design in the life of the individual.

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