Sunday, 28 March 2010

Task 3 : 11th hour

we came very late in the calender year of earth - JANINE BENYUS-
Look at the earth fully covered by rubbish.
since i have watched 11th hour, my first reflection was that the rubbish is the worst product made by human. this showed me how people killed the earth by developing technologies. we, the human borrowed earth from the nature, however we pretend as if we were the owner of earth and furthermore we even reign over a nature to earth.

if we do something to offend natural world, we are gonna pay the price for that.
threrfore we have to treat nature more gently - David Suzuki -
the earth and human should keep the relationship of companion or the nature should always be beyond the human being. and if we can not pay for rent, we should not destory the nature. because the nature always can be fresh and green, and make a fresh start as long as human are dissappeared. therefore human are not able to live
without the nature but the earth. earth can be even better withouth us.
this part of documentary was kind of sad and scary.
because personally i have never thought about the nature can leave us. but now i know that it is possible and we, the human can be alone in the dark.

the nature and earth were originally fresh and green.
it is still fresh and green, however it is just turning into black.
and the result of this has been started since the existence of human on the earth.
what this film was saying was that human must find out the way of live eternally together for both human and nature, and also to keep the freshness of nature.
however even though people know these facts, it seems like they will more contribute on the development of industry.

industrial system has to be reinvented - Ray Anderson -
i think this film definately indicated the solutions of problem to us.
it is understanding and the change of behaviour.
the solutions has been clarified since long time ago, but human did not even think and consider the facts and therefore the environmental disruption has been continued.
also, cause of industrial development, the policy about environment has become more unfamiliar and delayed by the government.

if the governemnt is not putting any efforts to improve the solution of the cause,
the people and individuals can not devote easily.
when you talk about saving the environment later, environment will be survived.
we are the one who may not survived. - Kenny Ausubel -
we continually accelerated the environmental disruption until now.
however we should no longer repeat it.
because we still have 1 hour to go. we can save ourselves.

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