Friday, 16 April 2010

Design for life by philippe starck

I found this episodes great to experience actual learn and refresh things but scary
at the same time. because during the time i was watching episodes, i was keep reminding of my studio class.

personally, it was great to hear philippe starck's perspectives about current design and its affect it has on our world today. "you will be a good designer, if you speak about life" phillipe starck believes that the product designers affect every moment of our lives. And Each is the result of deliberate design decision.

this means that design should not be focusing just on appearance to attract consumers to purchase it but to be safe."design is a force that can change society.....learn how design decisions now will affect all our lives in the future".

philippe starck's definition of good design was beatiful useful and sustainable product that can be enjoyed by everyone, hence he seemed to want to emphasize that all the designers need to design for everyone and not just a specific group of consumers. "Its important that design is rooted in everyday life and belong to us"

the things that he was talking about in terms of design were what we should be doing.
“designers must question whether we need to design more products”
as a whole, i think the main focus of this documentary was to realise the story behind the product too and find out about why the product was made and the theory behind it. “look for the story behind the product” and i think this documentary will be able to guide people who are looking forward to be a good designer.

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