Sunday, 11 April 2010

the story of bottled water by annie leonard

as i have expected, i could feel annie leonard's features as an environment expert.
she starts with explaining about five compotents which makes circulation of materials.Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, Disposal

Distribution... this is the step to explain of how products are transported and are delievered to us.frankly, what people can do in the world are too much subdivided, even if the value of human's characteristics are decreasing, it is ok.

a single product was made by many labors from worldwide and hence, the value of the product is not belong to an individual. they are made by everyone and everything and therefore nobody can insist the possession.

The Golden Arrow Of Consumption...this is where the major power sources of material circulation and capitalism, nothiing but engine. too much substances are existing and by producing them, the trend of materialism are created. "Our enormously productive economy... Demands that we make consumption our way of life,that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals,that we seek our spritual satisfaction, our ego-satisfaction in consumption...

We need things consumed burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-Accelerating rate." more than anything else, our materialism was not caused with no reasons but it was planned. and there are two provements;Planned Obsolescence = Designed for the Dump and Perceived Obsolescence = Making us to throw away somthing that is totally useful.

capitallism was planned by amerian economist after second world war to recall the economy of US. But funny thing is that since the capitallism has started, the index of happiness is decreasing. But annie leonard is presenting the directions where we have to move on. But fortunately, more and more practice activities for protect environments and corruption of materialism are showing around the world.
eco-environmental enterprises, development of recyclable energy and etc.

so in the future, we should get out of the materialism and lead the eco-environmental capitalism. To be honest, i was quiet shocked after watching this video, but at the same time i also felt relieved by going through all the problems that our economy has.

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